Yurkraft MedicalConsulting Company is an independent advisor focused on providing legal services in the field of medicine, pharmaceuticals and the related fields.


The advantages of our company include:

  • understanding the nature of medical and pharmaceutical activities gained due to the long-term experience of our lawyers’ work in those spheres;
  • extensive knowledge of various branches of law (business, labor, tax law, etc.) enabling us to successfully complete complex projects;
  • client-orientedness manifested by personalized approach and the highest possible consideration of clients’ needs and priorities;
  • knowledge of foreign languages and the best practices, cooperation with international and foreign law firms, professional associations and lawyers;
  • wide range of professional and social activities enabling us to keep abreast of the events in the field of health and law as well as to see the perspectives.


We accumulate the strengths intrinsic to specialized medical law firms and to multi-practice law companies and use them to be of service to our clients, professional communities and the society.